Brazilian Grand Prix Gives Stark Reminder of the Need for Armoured Cars

The recent Brazilian Grand Prix provided a stark but realistic reminder of the role Armoured Cars have to play in providing peace of mind and security to unsuspecting members of the public. A number of Mercedes team members were travelling in a Mercedes Van when gun shots were fired and the van was approached by armed gunmen.

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Armoured Mercedes-Maybach S600 - The Pinnacle of the Armoured Mercedes Range

2015 brought the introduction of Mercedes’ new armoured luxury vehicle - The stunning Mercedes-Maybach S600. Offering the latest advancements in luxury and security, it’s most notable features are it’s wheelbase which has been stretched to provide a huge amount of legroom, and the dome shaped roof providing an additional 0.5 inches of rear-seat headroom.

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Increasing Demand for Armoured Cars in Kenya

The Kenyan Bureau of Consumer Affairs estimate that 10 carjackings take place in Nairobi everyday. The unnerving reality of this statistic has led to an increase in demand for armoured vehicles in Kenya.

With some attacks targeting specific high-net-worth individuals and others seeming to be random attacks aimed at making a quick robbery, assailants are increasingly preying on drivers 

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Land Rover's SVO Division to Produce Armoured Range Rover

Land Rover have announced their plans for their Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division to commence planning and production of an armoured version of the incredibly popular Range Rover. Armoured luxury vehicles are a must for many business leaders and political leaders, and it seems that Land Rover are returning to the armoured vehicle market to try and build upon the strong-hold that they currently have by expanding their offering.

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Armoured Vehicle Provider Arrives in London

One of the world's leading Armoured Vehicle providers has arrived in the UK. Armoured Shielding, an elite provider of armoured vehicles, have opened their doors in the UK and will use their UK base to serve new and existing clients from all over the globe.

As one of the world's busiest cities and an undoubted crossroads for all global businesses, London will operate as Armoured Shielding's global Headquarters and will provide significant opportunity and scope for worldwide growth.

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Increased Supply and Production of Armoured Range Rover Vogue

An increase in Armouring requests for the Range Rover have led to Armoured Shielding increasing supply levels of the new Range Rover Chassis with their suppliers.

When Land Rover launched their newest Range Rover two years ago there was, not surprisingly, immediate and significant demand for armouring. The 4.4 litre SDV8 diesel and 5.0 Supercharged petrol engines were top of the request list and clients quickly placed orders with Land Rover and Armoured Shielding for their new Armoured Range Rover.

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