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Grey armoured Bentley Mulsanne

Floating on bulletproof air.

Named after the Mulsanne Corner of the Le Mans racing circuit, the Bentley Mulsanne is a high performance vehicle of the highest calibre at heart.

An armoured Bentley Mulsanne is the choice of royalty, and an armoured Bentley Mulsanne provided by Armoured Shielding makes this choice available to those wishing to save considerable amounts of time and money, but without compromising on comfort or safety.

As a new customer who had seen the quality of our vehicles, yet couldn’t believe the saving of time and money recently said:

"Can you help me understand why I wouldn’t choose to go with yourselves?"

He felt it was almost too good to be true but then having inspected our facility, witnessed our work and reviewed our quote, he happily agreed on a deal that saved him over one hundred thousand pounds, and 6-8 months of waiting time.

With a 6 and three-quarter litre engine, the most luxurious interior that money can buy, technology discreetly placed throughout the vehicle, and class running through every thread, your armoured Bentley Mulsanne will see that you arrive at your destination in comfort and safety.

At Armoured Shielding we can armour any vehicle, so contact us for information on how you can take delivery of a bulletproof car of your choice.


What happens during the armouring process?

  1. Vehicle is disassembled - every part is labelled and securely stored.
  2. Prepare bodywork cavities for armouring.
  3. Upgrade suspension, door hinges, and install run flat tyres.
  4. Install armour including light-weight body armour and ballistic glass.
  5. Install ballistic protection to floor and roof.
  6. Reassemble vehicle to look as good as new.
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