Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions regarding vehicle armouring. If you have a question that doesn't appear here, please contact us!

Before the armouring process

What level of protection am I going to need?

Protection levels vary from case to case depending on our customer’s needs and anticipated threat levels. The level of protection that your vehicle requires will depend primarily on the location and environment in which you'll be travelling. By first identifying the perceived level of threat, you are then in a position to determine the level of protection required.

80% of the vehicles we armour are protected to B4 or B6 level. However, we can provide greater or lesser levels of protection. Whatever your predicted threat level, if you are dedicating time and money to your protection we would recommend a minimum of B4 protection to ensure that you get the best value and protection for your money.

Please see our ballistics chart to assist your threat level evaluation – or contact us to discuss your needs with one of our dedicated team members.

Will the armouring process affect the appearance of my vehicle?

No. You will pass our vehicles on the street and not know that any work has taken place - our armour is perfectly discreet. Armour will be added to your vehicle creating not only ballistic protection but also a completely modified and toughened structure. The end result is that you have a vehicle capable of withstanding intense attack and invasion, yet maintaining its original and discreet appearance.

Do I have to buy the chassis myself?

You can deliver your vehicle to our door, or ask us to source the vehicle for you - we’re happy to help either way. We have access to a wide range of vehicle manufacturers, so if you haven’t yet sourced your vehicle, contact us to let us know what you’re looking for and we may well be able to help.

Will the armouring process affect the performance of my vehicle?

Due to the overall weight of the vehicle is increasing, the performance will unavoidably be altered - but this varies from vehicle to vehicle. This additional weight results in different handling characteristics and can negatively affect performance (acceleration, fuel consumption, maximum speed etc).

Armouring a vehicle can add anywhere from 135 to 700 kgs (300 to 1500 lbs) to the vehicle's overall weight - these figures are much lower than elsewhere in the armoured vehicle market, so how do we do it?

Anyone who says that armour will not impact upon performance is probably leading you down a dangerous path, so watch out! The challenge is to armour the vehicle with the desired level of protection, yet add as little weight as possible. This is why our product stands out. We armour to the required level of ballistic protection, yet add very minimal weight to your vehicle. In a recent independent test, an Armoured Shielding vehicle was compared against one of our competitor's vehicles. The vehicle model was the same, the level of protection was the same, yet our vehicle weighed 40% less.

Can any vehicle be armoured?

Yes, any vehicle could be armoured – but to make it worth the cost and ensure your ultimate protection, we recommend using a heavier-duty vehicle as the starting point for the armouring. These respond better to modifications like heavy duty suspension, brakes, and so on. SUVs are often the armoured car of choice, although many high powered saloons make a good choice for armouring.

In our gallery you can see a broad range of vehicles that have been armoured by us. Please contact us if you have any queries about whether your vehicle is suitable.

I'd like you to armour my vehicles, but I'm thousands of miles away from London. Do you only armour in London?

No! Wherever you are in the world, we can armour your vehicle. We are based in London as it’s a crossroads to nations all around the globe. However, we have armouring facilities around the world and will select the armouring location according to your preference and convenience.

During the armouring process

How long will it take for my car to be armoured?

We turn 90% of our vehicles around within 45 working days. That's far quicker than the typical 9 months quoted by manufacturers.

Can I come and see my vehicle when it’s being armoured?

Yes! We welcome visits to our facilities before, during, or after your vehicle comes in.

Is my car insured during the armouring process?

Yes! We have comprehensive insurance to cover all vehicles that we're armouring.

Is my car secure during the armouring process?

Yes! We understand the crucial need for security, and carefully choose secure locations to carry out our work. With 24 hour video surveillance, extensive locks, privacy glass, and comprehensive insurance, we do everything possible to keep your vehicle, and our equipment and staff safe.

After the armouring process

Can you take care of the shipping of the finished vehicle?

Yes. We have shipped thousands of cars and only work with proven shipping companies, so we’ll be happy to help ship your vehicle. Equally, if you’d rather take care of the shipping yourself, we’ll provide all of the information you require.

What if we have a problem with the vehicle?

We’re confident the work we carry out will meet with your high standards. However, after your vehicle has been armoured and for your peace of mind, we offer a 2 year warranty on our work.