Armoured Shielding can professionally armour any vehicle, this is our commitment to our clients and customers. But how can we do that?

Superior Technology

Run-flat tyre cutaway

We armour vehicles using the latest technology available and according to your perceived threat.

This includes ballistic protection of the doors, pillar posts, roof, battery, electronic control module (ECM), exhaust system, tyres, floor, all window areas, lateral panels etc., exceeding internationally accepted ballistic standards of protection.

Our technology means that we can provide some of the lightest armoured vehicles in the world.

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Highest Quality

Overlap protection on Mercedes-Benz G63

With proprietary designs we maintain the original appearance of every vehicle, inside and out. Hundreds of man hours will go into the armouring of your vehicle with a combination of technology and the exceptionally well-trained human eye. Each armoured vehicle that we produce is of the highest quality. Please, put us to the test!

Feel free to have a look through some of the images in our gallery and if you have any questions, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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Customer Satisfaction

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We are able to add your required level of protection while maintaining the high levels of performance that you expect from your vehicle. Thousands of happy customers ranging from private clients, governments, and businesses have enjoyed the benefit of driving in one of our armoured cars.

We're confident that our armour is, pound for pound, the lightest most ballistically resistant armour in the industry. Gone are the days of wrapping a vehicle in ballistic steel - contact us to learn more about how we can help you meet your armoured vehicle requirements.

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