Armoured Shielding is dedicated to making your armoured vehicle the safest in the business. Our innovative techniques cover all possible circumstances to ensure that every trip in your vehicle is a safe one for you and your passengers. If you’re looking for the best possible protection, armoured shielding is the company for you.

Armoured Shielding is a premier vehicle armouring company that secures all makes and models of cars and trucks whilst maintaining the vehicle’s original appearance and performance. Since beginning operations our production team have protected in excess of 8,000 armoured cars. By using proprietary armouring designs and installation techniques as well as the latest lightweight armouring materials, Armoured Shielding provides the most technologically advanced protected vehicles available. These vehicles have been delivered to Heads of State, Corporate Executives, Celebrities, Religious Leaders, and Civilian Contractors all over the world.

With manufacturing and service facilities worldwide, Armoured Shielding is able to provide superior after sale service. This unbeatable service after sale, as well as the use of advanced design, materials and installation techniques, makes Armoured Shielding the world’s leading vehicle armouring company.

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