Armoured Mercedes-Maybach S600 - The Pinnacle of the Armoured Mercedes Range

2015 brought the introduction of Mercedes’ new armoured luxury vehicle - The stunning Mercedes-Maybach S600. Offering the latest advancements in luxury and security, it’s most notable features are it’s wheelbase which has been stretched to provide a huge amount of legroom, and the dome shaped roof providing an additional 0.5 inches of rear-seat headroom.

The S600 armoured vehicle specifications include:

  • 6.0-litre V12 engine up front
  • 525bhp and 612lb ft of torque
  • 7-speed automatic transmission with Shift Paddles
  • A top speed of 130mph

In this increasingly uncertain and potentially unsafe world, the safety of yourself and your passengers are paramount when travelling to and from your destination. Protecting you from the risk of firearm attacks, IEDs, and from random carjacking brings peace of mind, alleviating any worries that you may have, all in a discrete manner that doesn’t draw any extra attention to you and your vehicle.

Armoured vehicles are a must for many business and political leaders, and Mercedes are continuing to provide the market with some of the best-equipped and most forward-looking luxury armoured vehicles.

The only potential concern to the excellent Mercedes-Maybach Armoured S600 is the price. Reported to be a cool USD $1 million, this is a very luxurious, but very expensive option. For more information about sourcing an armoured Mercedes, contact Armoured Shielding for professional, proven, and cost-effective armoured car solutions. Our innovative techniques cover all possible circumstances to ensure that every trip in your vehicle is a safe one for you and your passengers.