Increasing Demand for Armoured Cars in Kenya

The Kenyan Bureau of Consumer Affairs estimate that 10 carjackings take place in Nairobi everyday. The unnerving reality of this statistic has led to an increase in demand for armoured vehicles in Kenya.

With some attacks targeting specific high-net-worth individuals and others seeming to be random attacks aimed at making a quick robbery, assailants are increasingly preying on drivers 

who are stuck in traffic and have limited time to think, let alone make an escape.

Due to this increased risk, many Kenyan businesses are putting their key staff in armoured cars to significantly decrease the risk of harm. To the average eye the armoured car will look no different to any other, but to the driver and passengers it brings a huge sense of peace in knowing that in the event of an attack they have a bullet-resistant shell all around them. When the car's glass doesn't shatter, the assailant will typically flee the scene very quickly in fear of being identified.

With improvements in technology it is now easier than ever to have bullet-resistant armour fitted to your existing car, allowing you to live a normal life with the added peace of mind that in the event of an attack, the gunmen will quickly realise that they have chosen the wrong target.