Land Rover's SVO Division to Produce Armoured Range Rover

Land Rover have announced their plans for their Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division to commence planning and production of an armoured version of the incredibly popular Range Rover. Armoured luxury vehicles are a must for many business leaders and political leaders, and it seems that Land Rover are returning to the armoured vehicle market to try and build upon the strong-hold that they currently have by expanding their offering.

At the recent Geneva Motor show SVO Managing Director, John Edwards reported: “We are smaller and more entrepreneurial by nature... speed to market will be key, and we aim to be a high-margin business... we will operate under three principles: profit, promote, and protect."

Initial information suggest the intention is to armour a version of the 5.0 litre supercharged V8 Range Rover to a minimum level of B6 protection, providing defence from automatic firearms such as the widely used AK-47.

The cost to the client is reported to be a minimum of £250,000 making this a very luxurious, but expensive option. For more information about sourcing an armoured Range Rover, contact Armoured Shielding for professional, proven, and cost-effective armoured car solutions.