Cargo ship carrying armoured vehicles in containers

Shipped to Kenya

2x Toyota Land Cruiser


"My job is to procure security requirements for different institutions. We have many partners and the people at Armoured Shielding are a regular supplier. Our responsibility to our clients includes the sourcing, pricing, inspecting, shipping, and delivering of various goods in numerous industries to worldwide destinations.

In order to meet our client's needs we have to be sure of partnering with quality, competitive, and reliable suppliers.

Armoured Shielding have proven to be able to meet our requirements time and again. We trust them and now when I have requirement for an armoured car it is a very simple process – they do everything from finding the car onwards. I know that the quality of their work is excellent and the price is better than fair.

Our most recent requirement saw us source 2 Armoured Toyota Land Cruisers to a client in Eastern Africa. The client's required level of protection was B6 and these guys delivered within our agreed time period. I will continue to send my work to them."

Note from Armoured Shielding:

This was quite a straightforward order as B6 armoured Toyota Land Cruisers are familiar territory for us. We sourced the vehicles without problems and began work as soon as they arrived in our facility. It was quick and easy for both parties and we’re grateful for the ongoing working relationship.