Chauffeur waiting outside armoured limousine


1x Range Rover, 1x Mercedes-Benz S500


"I was given the task of organising for two armoured vehicles to be added to our fleet of luxury chauffeured vehicles. Coming from a UK company based in London I was pleased to find that Armoured Shielding are based in the UK so there were no time delays with responses to my emails or calls.

From my initial enquiry right through to completion the staff were polite and helpful, providing valuable information and making suggestions relevant to my needs.

Their efficiency meant that the vehicles required were ordered within 7 days of my initial enquiry.

During my research for a vehicle armouring company I was shocked to see that some places can take over 6 months to return the vehicle, but within 3 months a fully armoured Range Rover and Mercedes S500 took their place in our fleet. If I didn’t already know, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between our regular vehicles and the armoured ones, the drivers are also impressed at the performance they still get from the vehicles.

The vehicles are regularly requested for our high profile clients, including celebrities and politicians who require the extra feeling of security and protection whilst being driven around the UK and Europe."

Note from Armoured Shielding:

This was our first job for this particular client. They knew what vehicles they wanted so we helped identify the appropriate engine sizes and then together we sourced the vehicles. The client wanted to be absolutely sure of meeting their delivery deadline and visited us at our facility to check on progress. We were sure not to waste any time!