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West Africa

Mercedes-Benz ML63


"Working for a bank in West Africa I find that I am always concerned for not only my own safety, but that of my family. Armoured Shielding were able to help ease my worries by adding protection to my family vehicle without drawing extra attention to it.

The service was quick and professional, I feel secure in the knowledge that their team are professional and keep details confidential. They were able to advise me on the relevant level of protection to meet my needs.

With my work taking me away from home regularly, I had increased security in our family home but not considered road safety beyond the need for a larger, safer car. A colleague warned me of the risk of car-jacking and helped me to identify a suitable company to armour our family vehicle. My family and I are very grateful for the increased security and now feel a lot more comfortable on our respective travels."

Note from Armoured Shielding:

This job was an absolute pleasure. The car was shipped to us so we just did what we do best - the vehicle armouring. At the client’s request we added an entertainment system in the rear of the car for the family, then shipped it straight back to them.