Black armoured Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Бронированный Mercedes

Armour from a blank canvas.

Mercedes make some of most popular transporter vehicles in the world and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes; you can choose from a wheelbase of 3250mm to 4325mm in length, a super-high roof, and various other internal options. Whether transporting goods or people, this is an armoured transporter vehicle with great flexibility and capacity.


What happens during the armouring process?

  1. Vehicle is disassembled - every part is labelled and securely stored.
  2. Prepare bodywork cavities for armouring.
  3. Upgrade suspension, door hinges, and install run flat tyres.
  4. Install armour including light-weight body armour and ballistic glass.
  5. Install ballistic protection to floor and roof.
  6. Reassemble vehicle to look as good as new.
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