Blue armoured Mercedes-Benz G63, Бронированный Mercedes

The best of both worlds.

First produced in 1979, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class or G-Wagon has become a stylish must-have for Military Operators and Celebrities alike.

Known for its flawless capability off-road and incomparable credibility on-road, the G-Class is a vehicle that leaves no territory off limits. The G63 version carries a 5.5 litre V8 petrol engine providing huge towing capacity and powerful performance.

Military in Slovenia, Egypt, Portugal, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and many other nations use the basic or modified versions of the vehicle, further highlighting an armoured Mercedes-Benz G-Class as an excellent choice with proven credentials.


What happens during the armouring process?

  1. Vehicle is disassembled - every part is labelled and securely stored.
  2. Prepare bodywork cavities for armouring.
  3. Upgrade suspension, door hinges, and install run flat tyres.
  4. Install armour including light-weight body armour and ballistic glass.
  5. Install ballistic protection to floor and roof.
  6. Reassemble vehicle to look as good as new.
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