Blue armoured BMW 7 Series, бронированный BMW

The ultimate driving machine, armoured.

BMW’s reputation as a driver’s car is certainly safe with the 7 Series. Known for being a launch-pad for BMW’s technology, when coupled with expansive spec an armoured BMW 7-series is is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a bullet proof mobile office.

Excellent agility is provided via BMW’s Integral Active Steering which draws upon the rear wheels to assist in sharp changes in direction. When partnered with the option of a huge 6 litre petrol engine as an option, the BMW 7 Series has certainly made its mark and is the choice of security vehicle for many of our clients.

If you're considering an armoured car, please contact us and we'll help you through the process.


What happens during the armouring process?

  1. Vehicle is disassembled - every part is labelled and securely stored.
  2. Prepare bodywork cavities for armouring.
  3. Upgrade suspension, door hinges, and install run flat tyres.
  4. Install armour including light-weight body armour and ballistic glass.
  5. Install ballistic protection to floor and roof.
  6. Reassemble vehicle to look as good as new.
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