Cross section of run-flat tyre inserts

Resisting an attack on your vehicle is clearly absolutely key, however, escaping the area of the attack is of almost equal importance. An armoured car is designed to not only protect you from immediate harm but to also remove you from the danger area as quickly as possible. We can modify all existing tyres in your vehicle with run-flat tyre inserts. In the scenario that your vehicle or its tyres are unexpectedly attacked, these special inserts will allow the vehicle to travel approximately 50 miles at 50 mph on completely deflated tyres.

Run flat tyres are absolutely essential and in our opinion, an armoured vehicle isn't complete without them so we install them on every vehicle that we armour. Run flat tyres are a valuable asset that buy invaluable time to get you and your passengers to safety.

If you have any questions about how your run-flat tyres will be installed or what level of protection you need, contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.