Armoured Mercedes-Benz GL with grille LED strobe lights

In addition to full armour you may wish to consider some further deterrents and protection for your vehicle.

Door handle shocks
Any unwelcome visitors can be greeted with an electric shock that will surely make them think twice about selecting your vehicle as a target.

Armoured Battery
It would be very poor fortune indeed for a battery to be hit by a bullet but at your request, we will protect your vehicle’s battery and any other vehicle part that you request.

Emergency strobe lights
Assailants will quickly reconsider their course of action if they think they might have started an attack on a legal figure or authority. Strobe lights and sirens convey this sense of authority and will act as another effective deterrent to would-be assailants.

Vehicle CCTV
In the event of an incident, security cameras provide irrefutable evidence of events and will also allow you to have clear knowledge of everything that has taken place around your vehicle.

Emergency oxygen supply
Whether it’s caused by the thick dust from a nearby explosion or a planned chemical attack, a fresh supply of oxygen can be compromised in numerous ways and can quickly have fatal consequences. An emergency oxygen supply in your armoured car will keep you safe and breathing while you travel to a safer environment.

Smoke Screen
In the unlikely event that an assailant gives chase either on foot or in a vehicle, they won’t be able to follow what they can’t see. A release of smoke from the rear of your vehicle can buy you valuable time in getting the vehicle out of harm’s way.

These are just a sample of the additional and creative safety features that we can include in our armoured vehicles. If you have a question about any of these features or you have a specific request, contact us and we'll be happy to help.