Damaged bullet-resistant windscreen on armoured vehicle

Bullet-resistant glass (often known as bullet-proof glass or transparent armour) is the first and most important requirement for all who are looking for an armoured car. With few exceptions, an assailant will attack what they can see. Bullet-resistant glass is installed in all of our armoured vehicles providing a superior level of protection against the toughest security concerns, from random acts of street violence to Presidential Protection.

Whereas an ordinary piece of glass will easily shatter when hit by a bullet, bullet-resistant glass can withstand multiple bullets without penetration.

So how is this done? Well, the bullet-resistant glass consists of multiple layers of regular glass combined with layers of our specially designed polycarbonate material. The new bullet-resistant glass is thicker than regular glass and, if impacted, will absorb the energy from the round and prevent penetration, keeping you safe from harm inside of your vehicle.

The ability of the bullet-resistant glass to prevent penetration by differing firearms will depend on the amount of layering and thickness of the glass. Generally speaking, the more layers of glass and our polycarbonate material, the greater the level of protection.

Despite the number of layers, the glass remains completely free from distortion, appears as if an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part, and can be tinted to your preferred level allowing you to feel safe but not at the cost of standing out from the crowd.

If you have any questions about how the glass in your vehicle is modified or what level of protection you need, contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.